Dr. James Hsia, BSc., DMD

Dr. James Hsia has practiced general dentistry since 1981. In his extensive career, he has helped many patients with TMJ (jaw joint), facial asymmetry, and complex orthodontic problems. A graduate of UBC, Dr. Hsia holds a BSc. in Biochemistry,  and a DMD (Doctorate in Dentistry). Dr. Hsia is a strong advocate for using a natural conservative approach to improve his patients’ dental health and overall well-being.

As a trained orofacial myologist, Dr. Hsia believes in the importance early childhood orofacial muscle training and intervention to minimize the need for orthodontics later in life.

Dr. Hsia has two daughters. His eldest daughter is a chiropractor and teacher, and his youngest is a Prosthodontist in the faculty at the University of Washington. In his spare time, he restores classic cars and motorcycles. He also loves to go sailing and fishing with family and friends.


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