Dr. Lucy Liu, DMD

Dr. Lucy Liu holds both dentist license and denturist license in Canada. She practices at Aurora Dental Clinic and works part-time as a Clinical Instructor at CDI College.

Dr. Liu has a passion for dentistry. She has studied and worked in different countries and loves meeting new people from diverse backgrounds.

Dr. Liu obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry at Shandong University in China and completed her Master’s in Dentistry with specialties in Oral Medicine and Periodontics at the same university. She then worked for 8 years as a Periodontist at the Dental Hospital of Shandong University, while acting as a lecturer and clinical instructor at the university’s Dental School. She continued her studies and in 2006 obtained her Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Heidelberg University in Germany. She then moved to Canada, where she worked as a postdoc and teaching assistant at UBC and practiced as an Associate at dental clinics throughout the lower mainland before moving on to practice at Aurora Dental Clinic.

Dr. Liu also provides one-on-one instruction for foreign-trained dentists studying for their board exams.


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