What should I bring to my first Visit?

Please Bring:

  • Your BC Care Card
  • Extended health insurance policy information (your card, and/or the following info: name of the policy holder, insurance company, and policy no.)
  • Payment method or payment information (if someone else is responsible for paying for your care)
  • Information about medication you’re taking, other health conditions, or medication allergies

If you have insurance coverage, but aren’t sure how much is covered, please bring your policy information along; we can still help you find the information you need.

Get a head start by filling out your patient forms now. Download Aurora’s New Patient Form here.

Where Do I Find New Patient Form?

When you visit us for the first time, you’ll fill out our new patient form. This helps our team get to know you better so that we can provide you the best care possible. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to complete your paperwork (it takes some patients up to 30 minutes to fill out).

Or, you can save time by filling out your patient forms now. Download Aurora’s New Patient Form here.

Is the Clinic Handicap Accessible?

Aurora Dental Clinic is on the second floor of a building. Currently, the building has no elevator, so the clinic is not wheelchair accessible. If you are interested in becoming a patient at Aurora and have mobility issues, please contact us at info@auroradental.clinic

Does the Clinic Offer Dental Surgery On Site?

Aurora Dental Clinic offers a full spectrum of dental services, including dental surgery, Orthodontics, and dentures

Are Payments Plans Available?

Our goal is to help you meet your oral health needs.

In some cases, payment plans may be available. These are usually implemented for ongoing treatments that span multiple appointments (or years, in the case of Orthodontics), and would have a prohibitively high cost if paid in a lump sum. Payment plans are created on a case by case basis, and are not guaranteed.

When possible, our dentists will present you with different treatment plan options so that you can select one based on your budget. Some treatments may also be broken down into multiple appointments to make them more affordable. Remember, in the long term, it is more affordable and better for your overall health to take care of your oral health with regular cleanings and checkups, than to wait until a problem gets worse.

Please contact us at 604-271-6733 to discuss payment options.

How Much Will My Visit Cost?

Your treatment costs may vary based on your unique health needs, the length of your appointment, and other factors. You will be presented with a treatment plan and asked for consent before proceeding with treatment.

For an approximate cost for your specific appointment, call our front desk at 604-271-6733.

How Do I Find Your Office?

Aurora Dental Clinic is located in Suite 220 at 10151 No. 3 Road. The office is in the Richlea Square shopping complex above Tisol Pet Foods. The entrance to the offices is at the side of the building. Standing in front of Tisol, the entrance will be to your left. Aurora Dental Clinic is the first office at the top of the stairs. Our dentists, Dr. Lucy Liu and Dr. James Y.Y. Hsia have their names on the sign outside.

What is a Dental Treatment Plan?

When you come in for an appointment, your dentist will assess your chief complaint (which means the main problem) and build you a treatment plan. Treatment plans are individualized based on your needs, and generally, you will be provided with different treatment options. Your dentist will usually suggest an optimal (or recommended) treatment and give you a secondary option. The secondary option may be less expensive, or less invasive, but will still be better than doing nothing.

In some cases, you may only be given one treatment option. Sometimes an oral health situation is so bad, that it has to be addressed immediately to prevent serious health complications.


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